What To Know About Pumping The Septic Tank In Your New Home

If you've moved into a home with a septic tank, one of your responsibilities will be having the tank pumped out on a regular basis. If you've never owned a home with its own septic tank before, you may not be sure when to have your tank pumped or how the process works. Here is some information that may help. Inspect The Tank Ideally, the tank was inspected before you bought the house so you know it's in good condition, and the level of sludge was measured. Read More 

4 Potentially Dangerous Septic Tank Myths

If you're the owner of a septic tank, chances are you completely forget about the system until it's time to have the tank pumped or something goes horribly wrong. Caring for a septic tank is very simple, but there are still steps that need to be taken to ensure the system runs smoothly. Don't fall victim to one of these common septic tank myths, because you might wind up damaging the system or, worse, harming your family or the environment: Read More 

Here’s What You’ll Need To Throw A Block Party On A Budget

Hosting a block party offers an excellent opportunity to get to know your neighbors better and create a supportive environment for everyone to live in. You will likely need to fill out an application with your county to host your block party, and once your paperwork is approved, decorations, food, and entertainment have to be planned. Cleaning up the area will also be a necessity once everyone leaves the party. This all may sound expensive, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the cost burden of being block party host without sacrificing any of the fun. Read More 

A Mutualistic Relationship: Sharing A Commercial Dumpster Service With Neighboring Businesses

Here's a shocking fact: Americans make up only 5% of the world's population, but generate at least 30% of the world's waste. To properly dispose of waste and garbage at your place of business, you need to set up a commercial dumpster service, like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services. Commercial dumpster services provide several different sized waste bins, and is responsible for picking up the waste at specifically set schedules. If you are quite diligent in minimizing waste and your business does not produce an abundance of garbage, subscribing to your own commercial dumpster service may be quite costly. Read More