Need A Toilet For A Special Event? 3 Logistical Elements To Be Aware Of

If you have a special event coming up that you need to rent toilets for, you need to make a reservation as soon as possible. When renting portable toilets, you need to provide a suitable place for them to be placed and set up a cleaning schedule.

#1 Make A Reservation As Soon As Possible

If you have a special event coming up, and you know that you need portable toilets for the event, put in a reservation for the toilets as soon as you possibly can. Although the rental company will try to accommodate last minute request, the sooner you put in the request, the faster the portable toilet company will be able to verify your request and ensure that they are able to fill it in a timely manner.

If your event is coinciding with a time of year when there are lots of other outside events that require the use of portable toilets, the sooner you get your reservation in the better.

#2 Provide A Suitable Location

Second, it is up to you to find a suitable location for the toilets to be placed. You want the toilets placed on a flat surface; avoid areas with inclines, as that can lead to a flipped over toilet, and a big mess at your special event.

Also, be sure to check the quality of the ground. The ground should be solid and firm. You don't want to place the toilets on the soft or mushy ground. You want the toilets to be placed somewhere with a solid base.

#3 Set Up A Cleaning Schedule

For long-term rentals, such as for a construction site, the toilets are generally serviced once a week. For special events, the toilets are generally delivered clean and then emptied and cleaned up at the end of the event.

However, if you are putting on an extended event or expect a high volume of traffic, you may want to arrange with the rental company to have the toilets pumped and cleaned on a more frequent basis. You are going to have to pay extra for this service, but it is worth it in order to deliver clean and fresh smelling toilets to those attending your event.

With weekend events, toilets are usually dropped off on Friday and picked up on Monday. If you need a different delivery schedule, be sure to let the portable toilet company know. Make sure that you are also prepared to pay for the toilets upon delivery; with special events, payment is usually expected upfront. 

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