Taking Care Of Your Septic System

Taking care of your septic tank is a very important part of your house maintenance. If you do not make septic tank service and maintenance a top priority in your home, you may find your septic tank backing up. If you have your septic tank back up, you will be in a super smell mess. There are many different simple ways that you can keep your septic tank up and running properly. It really does not take that much work, and your septic tank will work without a problem. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to keep your sewage where it belongs.

Throw It Away

A very big problem that people run into is flushing and washing items into the pipes that should not be washed or flushed. It is important that the only thing that you put down your toilet is human waste, and that you only wash your dishes in the sink. A cardinal sin when you are hooked up to a septic system is using the disposal. If you are over using the garbage disposal in your sink, you are ultimately slowing down the sewage from properly breaking down. Instead of flushing and draining wrappers and other waste, throw it away.


A very important part of your septic system is the little bacteria that break down the sewage. If the bacteria are not present then you will end up with sewage in places you do not want it. Liquid drain cleaners are often the cause of a total extinction of these little bacteria colonies. Instead of using liquid drain cleaners to rid yourself of a clog, use a pipe snake. If you have used a liquid drain cleaner, you may want to look into putting more bacteria into your septic system. However, you do want to be careful with the amount of bacteria that you place in your septic system.


Hire a plumber to come out and mark where the tank and the drain field are located. Many people find that they are putting overburden strain on the septic tank by parking their vehicle on the tank. If you know where the tank is located you can landscape the area so nobody ever parks over the tank. You also need to know where the drain field is so you can be sure not to block the drain field in any way. Do these few simple things and you should significantly decrease any septic tank problem.