Here’s What You’ll Need To Throw A Block Party On A Budget

Hosting a block party offers an excellent opportunity to get to know your neighbors better and create a supportive environment for everyone to live in. You will likely need to fill out an application with your county to host your block party, and once your paperwork is approved, decorations, food, and entertainment have to be planned. Cleaning up the area will also be a necessity once everyone leaves the party. This all may sound expensive, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the cost burden of being block party host without sacrificing any of the fun. Consider using one or more of the following budget-friendly options:  

Rent a Dumpster

Possibly the most helpful thing you can incorporate into your party area is a dumpster rental. Putting a rented dumpster against a nearby curb or by the entrance of the block party will ensure that all of your guests have a quick and convenient place to throw away their cups, dirty diapers, and other garbage that gets accumulated during the event.

Your rented dumpster should eliminate the need for a cleanup crew after the party because there won't be much debris or garbage left behind on the ground. In addition to featuring a rental dumpster at the party, consider putting a couple of smaller plastic garbage cans nearby to be used for bottle and can recycling. After the party, you can take the recycling to a local facility in exchange for a deposit refund, which will put a little extra money in your pocket and help cover the costs of your dumpster rental.

Plastic Party Tape

An inexpensive way to decorate for your block party is to stream plastic party tape around the perimeter of your party area. Unlike traditional streamers, plastic party tape is weatherproof and won't break apart if it gets wet. In addition to creating boundaries around your party area with plastic party tape, you can create boundaries around neighbors' yards and other areas where guests should not go during the party.

This kind of tape comes in a myriad of colors, designs, and widths, and it can be secured without the use of tape. After decorating your party area, give the leftover tape to your immediate neighbors so they can use it to block off any areas of their property that they'd like to make private from the party.

A Food Signup List

Making your block party a potluck is an excellent way to keep the event budget-friendly for yourself, and it should also save you quite a bit of time when it comes to preparation as you'll only be responsible for making one dish. To make sure that the potluck meets the expectations and needs of all of your neighborhood guests, it's important to create a food signup sheet to circulate among everyone before the party so they can choose something to bring that isn't already being taken care of by someone else.

Start by listing all of the different types of dishes you'd like to see featured at the block party and provide enough space for two or three people to sign up for each item. Break the items down into sections such as beverages, main dishes, side dishes, and snacks. This will help ensure that there is a wide range of different dishes at the party so you aren't stuck with tons of drinks and several salads but no main dishes or desserts.

High School Bands

For entertainment, consider contacting a few local high school bands and asking them to perform at the block party throughout the day. Some of your neighbors may have kids with bands who are willing to participate, and the principal at your local school should be happy to connect you with interested bands. You may be able to book an entire afternoon of entertainment in exchange for free food and drinks and an invitation to join the party before and after performances.

These tips and tricks should make it easy to throw a budget-friendly and impressive block party that your neighbors are sure to remember for many years to come.