A Mutualistic Relationship: Sharing A Commercial Dumpster Service With Neighboring Businesses

Here's a shocking fact: Americans make up only 5% of the world's population, but generate at least 30% of the world's waste. To properly dispose of waste and garbage at your place of business, you need to set up a commercial dumpster service, like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services. Commercial dumpster services provide several different sized waste bins, and is responsible for picking up the waste at specifically set schedules. If you are quite diligent in minimizing waste and your business does not produce an abundance of garbage, subscribing to your own commercial dumpster service may be quite costly. You can lower the costs by sharing a service with neighboring businesses.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Sharing a commercial dumpster service with neighboring businesses is not as simple as you may think. There are several factors that must be discussed beforehand. The commercial dumpster service will usually require all participating businesses to sign a contract specifying the roles and responsibilities of each business.

In particular, you should consider the amount of waste your business produces in comparison to your neighboring businesses. Sharing a dumpster with a business that produces an abundance of waste may not be beneficial to you, as you may need to set up services that are more regular and costly.

Some of the more important factors to keep in mind when coming to an agreement include:

  • where the dumpster will be located. It is generally best for the dumpster to be placed in an easy-to-access area equidistant to all businesses participating.
  • the amount of responsibility that each business has in maintaining the commercial dumpster.
  • a pick-up schedule most convenient and practical for all businesses. For example, restaurants may prefer if the dumpsters are picked up during the beginning of the week, as they generally cater to more clients during the weekend. This means the weekend generates a substantially larger amount of waste.

Benefits of Sharing a Commercial Dumpster

Sharing a commercial dumpster is not obligatory. Although some businesses may already have established a mutualistic relationship, you can easily opt out and subscribe to your own services instead. However, there are some benefits in sharing a commercial dumpster. They include:

  • better use of the dumpster. Commercial dumpsters tend to be fairly large measuring a minimum of 2 cubic yards. If your business produces fairly little waste, it can take an awfully long time to fill up the dumpster. By sharing a dumpster, all businesses get better use out of the dumpster service.
  • reduced cost. By sharing a commercial dumpster service, almost all businesses will see a reduction in the amount that they are paying. This is because most businesses don't use their entire dumpster before the scheduled pickup time. By sharing a dumpster, the cost of the service is spread out among all participating businesses.
  • less responsibility. Businesses are responsible for maintaining their dumpsters. This includes making sure the dumpster is in good condition, cleaning it semi-regularly, among many other factors. When sharing a commercial dumpster service, participating businesses can also spread out and divide the amount of maintenance that each business will be responsible for. This can lessen the load among everyone, so more time can be spent on each business and less time on maintaining the dumpster.


Sharing a commercial dumpster service with neighboring businesses can be quite beneficial. If you haven't already discussed the possibility of sharing a commercial dumpster service already, you should consider broaching the subject in the near future to set an agreement up. It's a great idea that can help lower everyone's total businesses expenses without compromising on the quality of the service received.